One Day it Happened

One day it happened.
I was sitting in my chair
admiring the morning sky
and wondering what if anything I would write
when the music started filling my head.
It wasn’t what I expected
more salsa than sonata.
Percolating memories from rooms long shut
elbowing past the guardians of my mental fortress.
Once breeched the images burst out of their containment
flooding my brain with effervescent insistence.
They danced with the musical rhythms
appearing as a montage
through the window that looked out into the field.
It was the cinema of my life before me.
Yet there was no structure,
just elements of past thoughts and visions
doing something very much like the Samba.
The thoughts, emotions and expectations that once controlled my life
where cavorting before me in a most unruly way
as if to mock what I once took so very seriously.
They thumbed their metaphorical nose at my propriety.
What a mixture, though!
Beauty and ugliness joined together without differentiation.
It was a total remix of my stored up remembrances.
Some recognised, some not.
Some sad, some happy.
They all danced together to a Cuban beat.
And all I could do was watch in amazement.