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BOOK 5 of the Joseph Radkin Investigation Series. A young Mixtec Indian from Guatemala follows the trail of tears through Mexico to a migrant camp in the strawberry fields of California. There, instead of refuge, he finds himself accused of murder. Is he the killer or a patsy set up to distract attention from a right wing cult? Mayan Strawberries combines a fascinating anthropological study with the deadly politics of Central America in an exciting thriller by the author of Paper Cuts, Judgment of Death and Genesis Files.

Praise For The Joseph Radkin Investigation Series

"Has a zip and freshness of narration hard to resist!" -The Guardian

"This is nothing is what it seems territory with a few extra twists, mayhem and a cruel message. Formidable!" -The Sunday Times

"A truly gripping thriller that packs a message!" - Popular Fictions

"Difficult to put down!" - Scotland on Sunday

"A pacey tale with a vigorously human hero and a central theme that, distressingly, comes closer to reality than fiction." - The Lady Magazine
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